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January 2013

plibin Startup timing: Wait until the world changes so that an important problem goes from impossible to just really hard, then execute.

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Interesting analysis by @danprimack about tech geographies. Boston and New York have same tech startup problem

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@danprimack are your Random Ramblings from todays Term Sheet on the web somewhere? Would like to Retweet/Share those.

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Hackers in China Attacked The Times for Last 4 Months

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K9 Ventures’ portfolio company LocoMotive Labs just launched their first app “Kid in Story” - a visual story app…

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LocoMotiveLabs Parents of children with #autism we designed our visual storymaker app with you in mind. Check out Kid in Story.

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levie Amazon does $97M in profit and rises 10%. Apple does $13B in profit and falls 10%. Got it.

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@jasonmendelson I hate conferences. Colossal waste of time/money in most cases. But you’re *tempting* me to pony up for @VentureScapeNow

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RT @lyft: We’re excited to announce that Lyft has landed in LA and we’ve reached an agreement with the @californiapuc.

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RT @californiapuc: CPUC enters agreement with Zimride, operator of Lyft app:

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Had fun hanging out with @tobinfisher and trying my hand at flying prototype quad-copters! @ K9 Ventures

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Impressive. T @gigaom: Exclusive: Nest has raised another $80M, now shipping 40K+ thermostats a month

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Impressed by the new immigration proposal and very pleased to see both Startup Visas and STEM Visas on the list….

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Ugh. Get real work done, or, try to fight my inbox?

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@msuster wow — remember meeting him with you when we were having breakfast at Buck’s

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The Most Ridiculous Law of 2013 (So Far): It Is Now a Crime to Unlock Your Smartphone - Derek Khanna - The Atlantic

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msuster The outpouring of support for @rabois speaks volumes for what people in SF think of him. Wishing you peace in months ahead

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@bjo3rn Appreciate the RT!

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If you’re a CS/EE looking for interesting startups, let’s chat. Lot’s of @K9Ventures’ portfolio companies are hiring. #SFBayAreaOnly

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Cisco Leaves The Consumer Networking Market After Selling Linksys Brand To Belkin @TechCrunch

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Congrats @ethankurz! VC Firm Bessemer Doubles Down On Investment Leadership, Adds Six New Partners @TechCrunch

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If, Why, and How Founders Should Hire a “Professional” CEO via @quixotic

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@jamescham @semil @heyadam @Not_SXSW In keeping with the tradition of !SXSW being on #PiDay, I propose Thursday, 3/14. Just need a venue

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@semil @heyadam @Not_SXSW That would be brilliant if it’s available. Know who’s in charge of it now? If it’s Apple, then that might be tough

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@semil @heyadam I’ve been thinking about doing the @Not_SXSW party again. If you have some suggestions for a venue, would love to hear.

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Wrapped myself in knots while doing a calculation today. Finally solved it after setting up a system of simultaneous equations. #Rusty

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I’m at Greylock Partners (Menlo Park, CA)

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Should I be regretting my move from @dropbox to @BoxHQ? Sync is being horribly unreliable/scary on my machine. cc @levie

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If a founder responds with multiple paragraphs, but still doesn’t answer the question posed, that’s usually not a good sign #GetToThePoint

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Simple rule to follow: If you say you’re going to do something, mean it, and do it. #KeepYourWord

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heri Discovery of the day #mobile #HTML5 via @alokm

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Apologies to anyway waiting on an email response. Trying to get through the #inbox, but they’re coming in faster than I can bat ‘em out.

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California To Hit Startup Founders with Big Retroactive Tax Bills | Xconomy via @xconomy

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@sudeep_y Cool! Yes, I think I have the same/similar orange polo! :)

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Alchemist Accelerator demo day #enterprise (@ Microsoft Conference Center w/ 7 others)

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Impressed with @SolarCity’s sales process. Made going for Solar PV at home a no-brainer.

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@Alejandroperez It’s a Toyota (Lexus to be precise)

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johnolilly Important: Disable Java in every browser you have. Here’s how: and here’s why:

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Just posted a photo @ Incline Beach

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@nickl_s Also saw it on the news last night — looks pretty crazy down there. You’ll feel right at home in New Delhi heat :)

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Using @Ghostery to opt out of all Advertising, Analytics, Beacons, Privacy and paring back on widgets as well. Much faster browsing.

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lemnoslabs Australian Heat Wave Threatens Gadgets, Forces Experts to Redesign Temperature Maps | Wired Design

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Dressed for the beach @ Incline Beach

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Snow on a beach by the lake, lit by the sun #NoFilter @ Incline Beach

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Techmeme Consumers pay the hidden costs for the ‘free’ app ecosystem (@hamburger / The Verge)

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60Minutes From Apple’s first mouse to a better classroom chair, David Kelley & @IDEO use design thinking for inventions that impact our everyday lives

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VentureBeat LEGO unleashes new generation of smart toys with Mindstorms EV3 robots

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Bill_Gross Look at the lengths this guy will go to to try to show that a corporation & a person are different!

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Sourdough crocodile. Thanks to the head baker who gave A+A some sourdough turtles! @ Boudin Bakery & Cafe

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Dog walk at the Jelly Belly factory complex. #thoughtful @ Jelly Belly Factory

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Fun visit to the Jelly Belly Factory. Turns out the Oompa Loompas had the day off. Shh @ Jelly Belly Factory

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Hoping @reachanika isn’t disappointed when she doesn’t see any Oompa Loompas! (@ Jelly Belly Factory) [pic]:

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#TrollsSUCK Patent trolls want $1,000—for using scanners

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Perhaps the second silliest thing in the US (first being that it doesn’t use the metric system)…

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lizgannes Interesting and well-done profile of Larry Page by @mhelft:

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Discovered @Ghostery thanks to a tip from @joshfraser. Liking knowing who’s tracking me. Already nixed ad companies.

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RT @lyft: Wow - thanks for your nominations! We’re Crunchies finalists in 3 sweet categories. The voting happens here:

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Werner We the People petition: “Make the Metric system the standard in the United States, instead of the Imperial system”

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Make the Metric system the standard in the United States, instead of the Imperial system.

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om ZipCar, Google, cars and the inevitability of the Internet — my latest #omsays $zip $car

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torbit As we head into 2013, here are 10 things to consider when choosing your RUM provider

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@Baris :-) Happy New Year to you too!

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Gobbledygook. That is all.

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The door to The Round Room @ Stanford Memorial Church

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d.School @ Hasso Plattner Institute of Design at Stanford (d.School)

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Love what they did with the old Terman building space (@ Terman Engineering Park) [pic]:

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Congrats to everyone on the #ThirdRock on completing yet another journey around the #FlamingFireball and to entering their #Teens.

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