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February 2013

Third time today that I had to kill the PepperFlashPlayer plugin in Chrome. #PieceOfS

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Almost packed house at presentation on #SolarPV in Palo Alto. Glad to see so much interest in Solar. @…

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Go @LocoMotiveLabs! Squidalicious: Kid in Picture: Finally, a GREAT Social Story App! via @shannonrosa

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Getting a sneak peak at the new @Baydin HQ! Cc @awmoore @ayemoah (at @baydin)

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@ethankurz Java and Flash both had the potential for it. Java on the client side lost out quickly, Flash on the client side needs to now :)

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@ethankurz agreed, but it’s always been unstable and leaky. Better engineering and it could have had a better future.

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The #1 cause of browser crashes and pegging the CPU is Flash. Can’t wait to see it die and go away. #ThankYouSteveJobs

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jeremys Congrats to @rabois (and @vkhosla) on his new gig He is one of the best investors and strategic thinkers out there.

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40% of F500 companies were founded by immigrants. Our economy needs smart #immigration reform #iMarch @marchforinnov

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@tedr Save to PDF is your friend. Also saves trees in the process ;)

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@tedr In fact now my inkjet breaks because the ink dries up before I get a chance to use it ;)

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@tedr I’ve almost given up printing.

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Join me & signup for the #iMarch for Innovation. Attract & keep talent in USA w/ smart #immigration reform

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WSJ hails & tech leaders pushing for #immigration reform to keep talent in USA. #iMarch

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ev Behind the scenes of the Gowalla vs. Foursquare battle by @jw - “Play by your own rules”

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jrpowers .@manukumar kicking off the #k9founders summit

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Last minute crunch-time prep for #K9Founders Summit tomorrow! Looking forward to founders meeting, chatting, and, learning from each other.

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zoltanvarju AngelList Expands into New Territory | MIT Technology Review

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@davemcclure dude, we need to talk :)

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Go @asundqui and @DNAnexus! DNA Crunchers Ditch Hadoop for Homegrown Software | Wired Enterprise |

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The online banking from @SVB_Financial is about as far from ‘Silicon Valley’ as it can be. #GreatBankButSuckyTech #NoIntelligentDefaults

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Behind the Scenes: Big Data at Torbit via @torbit

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@davidhornik it doesn’t even deserve a tweet.

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@dpatil I think you meant 19,000 too many.

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PSA for startups: If you’re a Delaware Corporation, your DE Franchise Taxes are due March 1st.

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@posterous does it really take >2 days to get a backup file? Still “finalizing…” cc @agarwal

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@ofjcc Please don’t move the kids’ swimming class to the outdoor pool in future. @reachanika sick for 4 days, missed school, headed to doc

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usatodaynews Surf report: Tools to become a Gmail ninja

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techreview The sight-restoring implant made by Second Sight is the most advanced prosthetic to date.

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newsycombinator Apples Official Technician Guide Leaked for the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S

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salgar Great read on Andreesen Horowitz by @adamlashinsky ;particularly about the 3 companies that inspired them:

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PandoDaily Going into a startup accelerator is a bit like launching at SXSW: It’s nearly impossible to break through the noise.

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Techmeme How Nest’s Control Freaks Reinvented the Thermostat (@tsimonite / MIT Technology Review)

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@i8joe you’ll have to come visit so I can tell you in person :)

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So freaking excited about the most recent @K9Ventures portfolio co. Some of the most creative product sessions I’ve ever been in #ComingSoon

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Ridiculous campaign. Microsoft’s “Scroogled” Campaign Against Gmail Wins 0.002% Of Users (@dannysullivan / Marketing…

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Brad Feld Is Looking For Founders To Live And Work Rent-Free In His New Kansas City ‘Fiberhouse’ @TechCrunch

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Congrats Min and Shravan! Pixelapse Brings GitHub-Style Sharing & Version Control To Your Design Projects @TechCrunch

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Caltrain back to PA — wishing for more battery life on my phone. (@ San Francisco Caltrain Station w/ 3 others)

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Mobile App Builder TapCanvas Exits Beta, Partners With Eventbrite To Make Event App Creation Easier via @TechCrunch

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startupamerica Rent-free housing in #KansasCity for #entrepreneurs, courtesy of @bfeld

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Train up to SF for meeting with K9 portfolio companies (@ California Ave Caltrain Station)

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@nathanmarz agreed. This is brilliant. I’d love to use it.

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nathanmarz Love these ideas on structured email and auto-providing feedback on email response time

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covertcoviewer New post- #app review for @LocoMotiveLabs Kid In Story: #socialstories #autism

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techinspecialed Giveway ends in 4hrs - Kid in Story By Locomotive Labs - Technology in (Spl) Education |

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2012 Venture Financing in Review— Deal Volumes Slow as Valuations Stabilize via @CooleyLLP

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Disturbed by potential inappropriate behavior by BigVC firm continuing meetings with startup after having given term sheet to a competitor.

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America’s lawyers: Guilty as charged | The Economist (hat tip @henrysward)

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America’s lawyers: Guilty as charged | The Economist

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Go @naval! Naval Ravikant of AngelList went from dotcom pariah to Silicon Valley power broker - San Jose Mercury News

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Go @echeng! Diver Captures First Full Light Field Underwater Images With Lytro Camera via @gadling

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LocoMotiveLabs Thank you Education @AppStore for making our Kid in Story New and Noteworthy! #slpeeps #autism #specialneeds

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zaoyang Tesla strategy - ingenious - “Start at the top and work our way down.”

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sacca In the United States, you can own a gun before you are allowed to own a beer.

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+1 RT @cdixon: Great to see super talented and pro entrepreneur @satyap and @hunterwalk start a new fund.

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The new @DNAnexus platform looks slick. cc @asundqui

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@jkretch Congrats on the round! Just saw the announcement.

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Finally a show that deserves the moniker ‘Silicon Valley’ on PBS American Experience and none of that bullshit from its namesake on Bravo.

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On @KQED tonight: Silicon Valley: American Experience (8:00 PM), Something Ventured (9:30 PM), Steve Jobs: One Last Thing (11:00 PM) #watch

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If you’re an entrepreneur/investor, do yourself a favor and watch @KQED (9.1) / PBS starting at 8:00 PM tonight. 3 awesome programs tonight.

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Joshmedia Psyched to watch the Mad Men of Silicon Valley and the silicon chip revolution on PBS tonight

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CarnegieMellon Carnegie Mellon University selects Dr. Subra Suresh as university’s 9th president: #CMUpres

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Going private/independent seems to be all the rage today. #Dell #AboutMe

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Pleased to see @aboutdotme go independent of @AOL. Congrats @tonyconrad! via @techcrunch

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Pleased to see @Evernote take on business cards in Hello. Esp since @LinkedIn dropped the ball on @CardMunch.

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Clouds viewed from inside Sequence #nofilter @ Iris & B. Gerald Cantor Center for Visual Arts

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Sequence @ Iris & B. Gerald Cantor Center for Visual Arts

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Sequence found. Thanks @wendyju! @ Iris & B. Gerald Cantor Center for Visual Arts

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A shout out to people who stick by you even when the going gets rough. #NotJustFairWeatherFriends #StartupsAreHard

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